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                                          The site to watch the night sky.                                                         If you want to receive warnings in the next few days send me an email See CONTACT some notes below

The pictures may take a little time to become clear.

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Except for these pictures of Francis MICHEL. No copyright. If you copy them, enter the URL of the site. Most simulations are made with "Stellarium". To better examine the images copy them (right button) and paste it in a visualization software.

At the bottom of the Stellarium simulations are the place, date and time.

Most of the pictures are taken in Watermael-Boitsfort in the suburbs of Brussels towards the South. The pollution of the city prevents me from photographing towards the North.

To animate the galleries of photos you click on the first image and then you will see the photos by clicking on the arrows to the right and left of the image. There is also a button to enlarge the image at the top right.

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